In the last few decades, democratic citizenship has experienced renewed attention from scholars, policy makers, activists, and experts. At the same time, the broad range of social, cultural, economic, and political dynamics, characterizing contemporary societies, have made the crisis even more evident.Within this framework, citizenship represents a privileged point of observation and study of social, political, cultural and social changes, as well as a causal factor of the utmost importance.

FONDACA core work is based around phenomena such as migrations, the individualization of identities, the request for the recognition of differences in status and condition strictly connected to the new rights, and the "unconventional" forms of participation and representation.

FONDACA main relevant areas of work: 

  • Migration and inclusion phenomena
  • Identification and empowerment of emerging identities
  • Requests for recognition of new status and standards of living
  • Emerging rights and duties
  • “Unconventional” forms of participation and representation
  • New forms and contents of citizenship