The organized civic activism within the public policies, namely active citizenship, is one of the most important phenomena in contemporary society.

Millions of citizens, organized in a variety of forms, are committed to promoting public policies and advocacy strategies, through a bottom-up approach involving public and private actors, with the aim to foster the protection and recognition of rights, safeguard tangible and intangible common goods, and support the empowerment of vulnerable groups.

This aspect, of the utmost importance is scarcely understood, and it is often confused with organized forms of sociality as well as with the "jumble" of the non-profit sector. Indeed, the phenomenon should deserve an effort of identification.

FONDACA main relevant areas of work

  • Beginning, identity, roles, and meanings of civic activism/ civic engagement
  • Different forms and quantitative aspects of active citizenship
  • Civic action strategies and technologies
  • Civic activism outcomes and limits
  • Identification and analysis of new forms of civic leadership
  • Reporting and evaluation of civic organizations